Thursday, February 02, 2006

Saturn opposition - almost

The actual day of Saturn's opposition this year, 27th January 2006, was clouded out in my neighbourhood so I had to wait till the 28th. Seeing was really awful, and I mean down right uselessly awful. The wind didn't help either but I managed to capture a few AVIs. After processing them all, these two images were the best I could come up with. Significantly worse than most of the other images I've taken of Saturn. These images were taken as AVI movies using a Philips Toucam Pro II and later processed in Registax. Enjoy!

I'm started to realise the limits of the ETX105 for photography. The lure of larger a larger telescope is tempting, but I ask ya.... where the heck would it fit in to the living room? Exactly.... DOH!


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