Monday, February 20, 2006

Indian Space Research Institute Skylab

The Hindustan Times today reported that the Indian Space Research Institute will be launching a new space laboratory next June-July for trials to develop new alloys and drugs. The 525Kg capsule will use the micro-gravity conditions of space to research the creation of light-weight and long lasting alloys. Further tests will be carried out to develop spacecraft and aircraft materials.

The next mission expected in two years will generate data to design a container for future manned space missions. The capsule will be injected in to orbit by India's own home grown Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. The mission is intended to demonstrate the recovery of space capsules. It would also test systems like the reusable thermal protection, navigation, guidance and control, hypersonic aero-thermodynamics, management of communication blackout, deceleration and floatation system and recovery operations.


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