Monday, December 05, 2005

Skype Beta nightmares

What a nightmare! I installed Skype 2 beta today. Ever since I installed it none of my AVI capture software works. IRIS fails to recognise my LPI and K3CCDTools also thinks there are no USB video capture devices attached to my PC. Even after un-installed Skype 2 beta nothing works. I searched the web for information but nothing I found helped. Strangly enough, Autostar Suite is able to recognise the Meade LPI without any problem but that's no use to me as it cannot capture AVI files. Just when I was about to give up and assume I had to reinstall Windows, I came across a brilliant software package called Virtual Dub. This software has been around for long time but I only just came across it. It has a no-nonsense installation procedure. You just download the ZIP, unZIP everything and that's it! No set up program, nothing installed in your Windows registry. Just run the EXE and off you go. The great thing is this software recognises my Meade LPI and allows me to capture AVI files. I'm back in action and able to continue my planetary imaging.

I had about one hours worth of observing today at about 17:00 before the clouds moved in at about 18:00. I got to test out the Astro Engineering 4x Powermate. The optical quality of the image it produced seemed to me to be right up there. Mars appears crisp and clear and I couldn't notice any loss of light intensity compared to my 2x Meade Barlow. I wasted a whole load of time trying to get the AVI capture software to work due to the problems mentioned above and ended up not being able to do any imaging tonight. Seeing wasn't so hot tonight so it wasn't such a loss. I'm looking forward to stacking the 4x Powermate and the 2x Barlow on the next clear night to see what type of image I can capture. Logic tells me that this level of magnification could very well exceed the sensible limit of what my 105mm telescope is capable of. I'll just have to try it out and see what happens.


At Mon Dec 05, 06:17:00 am UTC, Blogger Dave Pearson said...

Now do you see why I wasn't rushing to install the Skype 2 beta? ;)

At Mon Dec 05, 06:04:00 pm UTC, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want video voip you should try IVE which is mad eby Glowpoint and Sony. It won't give you any of those screencapture issues. It also won't install anything in your registry.


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