Friday, December 09, 2005

Sky At Night Magazine Forums

It appears that Sky At Night Magazine have launched their own brand spanking new chat forum. So far it's quite sparse on posts and the number of topics is small but that's probably because it launched this week. It'll be interesting to see how this develops and how many familar names we'll see posting in there.


At Fri Dec 09, 04:24:00 pm UTC, Blogger Dave Pearson said...

I notice that the rules are a bit, err, well, err, open to interpretation.

A chance of getting kicked off for talking about sketching perhaps? ;)

At Fri Dec 09, 04:52:00 pm UTC, Anonymous Tim said...

And they can't configure a mail-server for toffee, either, so I can't even register:

2005-12-09 16:47:49 H=( [] sender verify fail for <>: response to "RCPT TO:<>" from [] was: 550 Unrouteable address


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