Friday, December 09, 2005

Iris problems resolved

Today was a bad astronomy day. I set up my 'scope at about 9pm and let it cool down. After half an hour Saturn had risen high enough to view from my back garden. I must admit I did a very lazy alignment which resulted in usless goto performance. The problem with Iris was still bugging me. It wouldn't recognise the Meade LPI. In the end fog rolled in and got the better of me and sent be retreating indoors. I decided to inspect the Iris web site and refer to an article called use of the web cam. There it was, staring at me in red font colour; the answer to all my problems. For others who are having the same problem as I am, as in Iris not recognising that the LPI is connected, you should take note of the following paragraph from the Iris documentation:

Note: if your webcam is not recognized by Iris, it may be possible that you have a problem of video channel definition. By default Iris uses channel 0 and that cannot be to modify from the program. It is however possible to change theis default parameter in the following way: (1) leave the Iris program (2) edit the file IRIS.INI which is located in the Windows directory (it is a text file), (3) change the value of the WebCamDriver parameter using a value from 1 to 10 (4) save the modification you have performed and leave the text editor (5) run Iris and test again (6) start again at step 1 if problem persists.


So now that problem is resolves, I'll hopefully get a fog free clear evening some time soon to do some proper imaging.

I noticed some limitation of the Meade ETX tonight. Coupled with the 4x Powermate and 20mm eye piece brings me very close to the sensible magnification limit of my little telescope. That's 294x mag approx. Warm air turbulance rising from the roofs of the houses which I had to see over was probably a contributing factor to the bad seeing tonight.


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