Sunday, December 11, 2005

Clear skies - It happens sometimes

Well then! I spent a solid six hours observing tonight. Must be a personal record. Seeing was fairly decent although things started fogging up towards the end of the observing session.

I got my first Saturn images (302Kb PNG) of the season. Seeing was awful for the first two images as Saturn had just peeped over the roof of my neighbours house. The final image was much better as Saturn rose and cleared the heat vapour from the properties.

Mars seems to be receding very fast. I'm not picking up as much detail as I used to a few weeks ago. I tried to grab some images by stacking my 2x and 4x Barlows which ended up making the images of Mars worse. Obviously too much mag for my small 'scope. Next time I get a clear night I'll try the 4x just by itself. The moon (160Kb JPG) was out in full glory tonight. Since it was placed very high up, seeing was really decent. I managed to grab a nice montage of the moon which included one close up using the 2x Barlow.

I entertained a few friends who were on MSN and Yahoo chat by streaming real time images of the moon via video chat. They were all impressed. It's great seeing and hearing the reaction of people who've never seen the moon up so close.


At Mon Dec 12, 03:06:00 am UTC, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am impressed with your LPI images on your 105mm Meade ETX! I would like your permission to print these images and hand them to my local Discovery Channel store manager in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). She has a 125 and thinks she has maxed out its performance. I think once she sees what you have done she will work a little harder! You've done a fine job with your ETX!

At Mon Dec 12, 10:35:00 am UTC, Blogger Kaustav said...

Dear Anonymous!
Glad you liked my images. Sure thing, go ahead and use them. No problem at all. If you do use any of my images, please credit them as follows:

Kaustav Bhattacharya from Harrow, UK

Most of my images have the date/time and my name on them for future reference.

At Thu Dec 15, 11:21:00 pm UTC, Anonymous Tom said...



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