Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bluetooth your 'scope

I've always wanted to be able to control my telescope remotely. There are a number of options that have recently hit the shelf. The latest one comes from the makers of the Starry Night astronomy software. It's the Starry Night BlueStar Telescope Adapter- which retails in the USA for $149.95. This is a bluetooth product which attached to various computer driven telescopes made by Orion, Celestron, Meade and others. You plug it in to the RS232 port of your 'scope and then pair it with your bluetooth enabled laptop or desktop computer. The product claims to have a range of up to 9-10 meter depending on conditions. I wonder how well it would stand up to cold climates. The unit operates on 2 AA batteries and also has a USB pass through socket thus eliminating the need to buy a serial to USB converter cable. This is great for more modern PCs which often don't have serial ports. I have not used the BlueStar Telescope Adapter yet but it certainly looks promising. I'd be interested to hear from people who have used it. Post your comments people!


At Fri Jan 06, 11:30:00 pm UTC, Anonymous Matt said...

I remote my LX 200 with The Sky 6 and also own Starry Night Pro - this looks like a definite "must have" for me. Cables strung all over in the dark is not a good thing.
I will look into this in the next couple of weeks and if I purchase one, I will be back to update you on the performance and give actual ranges and what it does to my battery life.
Weather permitting of course!


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