Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bad start to holiday

Well today was the day I was meant to jet off to India for my trekking/astronomy holiday. Unfortunately the flight has been postponed to tomorrow morning. What a major bother. No alternative flights available at such short notice. Damn shoddy show by Air India. I think this calls for some kind of compensation!

I've packed away my Meade ETX105 and various camera adapters and T-Rings so that I can hook up my wife's Canon 350D to the telescope. I'll also be using a web cam to capture some AVIs of various objects. Can't wait to get out to India. Unfortunately due to the flight delay all my plans for my wedding anniversary have been scuppered. Drat.

I was a bit surprised when I double check my flight tickets that I'm allowed to take 35Kg onboard instead of the usual measly 25Kg which is usually the limit on other air lines. I guess Air India jolly well know the profusion of gifts and tonnes of personal effects us Indian's always travel with! HAHA!

I've read that it's a pleasant 25C during the day in Kolkata at the moment and qutie chilly at night, dropping close to zero. When in Gantok, the capital city of the state of Sikkim, the nights will be even colder but seeing conditions up at 7000ft should be very good. Fingers crossed!

Bring on tomorrow morning! Here I come clear skies! Happy new year to all reading this blog entry and expect more updates in 2006.


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